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Funerals - Memorial Services - Scattering of Ashes

“Heart Centered Ceremonies”
“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, not touched, but
are felt in the heart” – Helen Keller
Lee aims to provide you with a service during your time of loss that pays great respect to your loved
one. Some people are choosing a Memorial Service in place of a Funeral service.
Whether a Funeral or Memorial service, it is a celebration of life and provides us with an opportunity
to pay tribute to those we love. She is guided by the family and the Funeral Director (if one is
involved) to reflect their and their loved one’s wishes. Her promise is to fulfil her role as a Celebrant,
professionally, calmly, sensitively and respectfully. With 27 years’ experience as a Psychologist, Lee has experience working with grief and loss and provides an empathetic and gentle nature to listen to you and your family.
In Lee’s capacity as an Independent Funeral Celebrant, she is not aligned or contracted to any
particular Funeral Director or Funeral Home. Contract Lee directly to design and conduct the
ceremony for your loved one. Please advise the Funeral Director/Arranger of Lee’s contact details
and they will be in contact with her, to avoid you that extra task for you.
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Lee can offer:
o Music options
o Poem or reading options
o Creating an Order of Service