31 Jul 2019

Welcome to my new website

Hi everyone.  Welcome to my new website

This is a new start within my career as a Celebrant.  After 10 years, I have now gone full time as a Celebrant and I am available most days …… baring some times when I go walk-about.

I have just come back from the Kimberley’s in an attempt to photograph the Milky Way in the vastness of the outback with clear skies and no light pollution.  We were camped off line – off the grid – campfire in a riverbed to cook our dinners of fish.  Yes a beautiful Barramundi caught in the river and some cherabin.  At night we slept in our tents and could see the stars through the netting stretching over the top and sides.  Night time bought the sounds of cows as they grazed away and called out to each other and a few other unknown sounds.

No internet, no phone calls, and time to sit back and read.  Then as the sun went down out with the camera and tripod.  Blissful …….

Going full time now provides me with the ability to work with families when a loved one passes away.  They may want a funeral through a Funeral Home or they may wish to not have a formal service and have a cremation and then a Memorial Service, once the ashes are returned.

Ashes can be kept, laid to rest in a cemetery or the Ashes can be scattered in a relevant and appropriate place.  Contact me to discuss options available for you and your family.

Cheers from Lee